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Fall Protection & Confined Space Safety Products

We are the leading designer of fall protection and confined space anchor equipment. Our specialty is safety at height, fall arrest and industrial rescue.

Our fall protection and safety systems are suitable for many different fields, such as military, municipal water and waste, mining, petrochemical, oil & gas, general industry, food processing and pharmaceutical. In transportation we address truck, aircraft and railcar height safety.

Call today to learn about our consulting, custom design, manufacturing and installation services.

Access Stair Systems

Looking for temporary access between floors under construction or along a slope? Tuff Step and Parastair will meet your needs.

These versatile systems can be configured to meet your needs, be it steps on a slope, trench bridge or ladder, temporary sidewalks, walkways and more.

Whether it is stone, concrete or earth embankment, arranging temporary access between floors or accessing structures, Tuff Step can do it.

Fire Fighting Products

Tuff Built designs and builds the most advanced Compressed Air Foam Systems (C.A.F.S.) in the world. Our Snuffer and NXG fire fighting systems combine extraordinary knockdown ability, reliability and simple, easy to use controls.

These fire pumps can be used for wildland, rural urban interface, structure attack and urban firefighting (including structure protection).

They are suitable for rapid attack vehicles and minipumpers up to entry level Class A pumpers. Tuff Built can provide kits for specialty vehicles such as Sprinter fire trucks, Transit fire trucks and Hummer fire trucks as well as standard fire service vehicles. Nothing will extinguish a fire like C.A.F.S.!